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How to get here

There are a number of ways to get to Kardamili: you can board a ferry, catch a flight, take a bus, drive down to the Mani, or even sail to Kardamili harbour... It all just depends on how much time you have on your hands, how you enjoy travelling, and whether you like to rent a car or prefer to use your own. If you're considering driving down as many visitors do from northern/western Europe, you can bypass the Western Balkans by taking one of the numerous ferries that on a daily basis connect Italy to Greece: crossings are extremely comfortable, ships are brand new, ticket prices are very reasonable, and then getting from the port of Patras to Kardamili is as easy as ABC. If you're instead planning to fly to Athens or Kalamata (or coming in from the islands by boat to the port of Githeion), buses and air-conditioned long-distance coaches are extremely relaxing, taxis and private cabs are reliable and safe, and car hire rates are competitive. Whatever way you choose to travel, arriving directly into Kardamili's main square is as simple as 123, and Greece is a country rich with colourful, detailed and exciting landscapes, so your journey down into the Mani will be inspiring and pleasant.

Coordinates for Anniska
Latitude: 36° 53' 11.15'' N
Longitude: 22° 13' 52.26'' E
Coordinates for Liakoto
Latitude: 36° 53' 14.20'' N
Longitude: 22° 13' 51.30'' E

Map of the Peloponnese, Greece

Average distances
Athens – Kardamili: 300 km
Piraeus – Kardamili: 285 km
Patras – Kardamili: 255 km
Kalamata – Kardamili: 35 km
Githeion – Kardamili: 60 km

Anniska & Liakoto on GoogleEarth™


By air


For up-to-date information on which airlines fly to Kalamata airport, please refer to:
For Athens airport:
Some websites that cover flight-only seats into Kalamata from the UK are
There are also internal flights into Kalamata from Thessaloniki and Athens on Aegean Airways:

By ferry

From:   To: Ferryline: Agency:
Greece Piraeus
Italy Ancona / Bari / Brindisi / Venice Patras Agoudimos
Blue Star

By rail

There is an Athens airport - Corinth train that runs quite frequently and can be picked up inside Athens airport. From Corinth there is a bus connection down to us (or you can hire a car). The website is - however, it's in Greek so if you have problems navigating it, please just contact us.

By coach

From:   To: Bus company: Agency:
Greece Athens / Igoumenitsa / Ioannina / Korinthos / Patras / Thessaloniki Kardamili KTEL KTEL Kalamata

By taxi

Please note that we are more than happy to organize taxi transfers with your reservation
From:   To: Taxis: Private cabs:
Greece Any location Kardamili Taxi Hellas What's this...?

Anniska & Liakoto
Kardamili 24022
Messinia Greece
Tel: (+30) 27210 73600 / 601
Fax: (+30) 27210 73000